What Water Sport Is A Must for Every Ocean Lover?

If you had the chance to head over to the beach right now, what water sport will you choose to enjoy? Will it be A: Surfing, B: Kayaking, C: Swimming or D: Paddling? How about all of the above with the all-in-one SUP? You must have heard about it but haven’t tried it, paddle boarding is today’s fastest-growing water sport that you just can’t miss. Under the sun, over the calm ocean, underwater and on top of the waves, you’ll be over your head relishing every minute of it!

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What is Paddle Boarding?

This activity is a recreational sport where participants are propelled by a swimming motion by means of their arms, which is very similar to the butterfly swimming stroke. In its derivative, stand up paddle boarding and stand up paddle surfing, one can sit, kneel, lie down, or stand while doing it. You can easily hop off, swim and snorkel too while you take a break from paddling.

SUP originated in Hawaii, which translates to Ku Hoe He’e Nalu in their language, meaning to stand, paddle, or surf a wave. It is attributed to the Waikiki Beach Boys of Oahu back in the 1960s. By means of a paddle and a board, you are provided with an efficient way to travel across bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and canals while relaxing in the magnificence of nature! What you need is no other than the best paddle board to carry you, and a paddle to hold on to.


Just as the way a surfer rides a short board from the manner he or she surfs with a long board, so does the paddle make a distinction when used when paddle boarding. The paddle usually extends about 5 or 6, up to 8 inches over the head, but there are adjustable types where you can easily change its length based on your board and paddling style. While timing is the key to catching awesome waves in surfing, your paddle and paddling style is the key to unlocking new sea adventures!


Since you will have to paddle, you typically need a more solid base that is thicker, longer, and wider. This is not your ordinary surfboard, but a good paddle board is finely crafted and made of the highest quality. It is reliable to bring into your ocean escapades, especially in far away parts of the seas you dare to dauntlessly enter. Whether paddling into flat waters or taking on the challenge of small to vigorous waves, you can rely on your board for stability and full support.

There’s just one problem though, choosing a paddle board can be a bit of a hassle. Prior to getting one, it’s highly recommended that you do a little research at Stand Up Paddle Boards HQ where you will gain firsthand information on paddle boarding and state-of-the-art equipment. If this is your initial purchase, the more you must familiarize yourself to get only the best paddle board that leads to the greatest experience ever!

If you’ve previously acquired some models in the past, save yourself from time and extensive efforts just trying to find the right board. Spend it instead endlessly enjoying the water with the best paddle board there is, marveling at the beautiful scenery around you, and paddling into new places to discover and explore!

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